Drinking Water Systems

Get great-tasting, pure water straight from your own tap! Our drinking water systems reduce common contaminants found in tap water and deliver better, healthier water for your whole family to enjoy

Santa Barbara Drinking Water Systems

How Does Reverse Osmosis work?

Our five-stage water filtration systems work to remove what doesn’t belong in your water

  1. Tap water passes through a series of pre-filters (including sediment and activated carbon block) that screen out sediment, tiny particles and removes chemicals such as chlorine.
  2. Water passes through an advanced reverse osmosis membrane to significantly reduce 98% of total dissolved solids.
  3. Finally, water passes through a post-activated carbon filter. This final stage helps to further reduce any bad taste or odor before the water makes it to your glass.

Santa Barbara's Best Drinking Water SystemsBenefits Include

  1. Worry-Free Maintenance  Enjoy the convenience of an under-sink water filtration system.  Our Service Technicians handle everything, including installation, filter changes and filter disposals.
  2. Reliability  You will always have plenty of high-quality, clean pure drinking water available on-demand whenever you need it. .
  3. Cost-effective – save hundreds compared to purchasing bottled water
  4. Reduced carbon footprint – With higher-quality water right from your tap, there will be no need to use plastic water bottles water which and help cut down on CO2 emissions and are better for our environment.
  5. Contaminant Removal   water filter can remove Lead, Chlorine, Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Hexavalent Chromium,  Radium 226/228, Selenium, TDS, Trivalent Chromium

Customize Your Water System

  • Our filtration systems can be customized to meet your specific water needs. UV sterilizers, calcium mineral post-filters, alkaline filters and more can be added to the system to meet your water needs.

Designer Faucets

  • The reverse osmosis water system’s faucets come in a variety of styles, colors and finishes to match every kitchen, home or office. You can choose from a wide variety of finishes to match your existing fixtures.