A man is putting a water softener into a trash can.

Hard Water Problems In Your Home?

Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties are known for notoriously hard water Hard water problems can be a real hassle, especially for homeowners who may be unfamiliar with the issues it causes.

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6 Signs You Need a Water Softener

If you find that your sinks are riddled with stains and your skin is dry and itchy, you might have a problem with hard water. If so, you might need a water softener.

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Filtered vs. Bottled Water – Which is Best?

Filtered vs. Bottled Water – Which is Best? Drinking Water, Drinking Water System, Reverse Osmosis | By: admin “Drink more water … drink more water.” It’s a common message in the media these days, especially since drinking water has been proven to have many health benefits. What many people don’t know, however, is that hidden…

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Why You Need Reverse Osmosis Water

We’ve finally learned our lesson. Drinking more water is a smart and healthy decision! But, you still have a lot of choices when it comes to what kind of water you drink. Bottled? Distilled? Natural spring water? Tap water?

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Traditional Versus Salt-Free Water Softeners

Traditional Versus Salt-Free Water Softeners Traditional Water Softener A traditional water softener, also called an ion-exchange water softening system, removes calcium and magnesium. It uses negatively charged resin beads to attract and trap positively charged hardness minerals. When those beads have been worn out by their work, they go through a process called “regeneration,” where…

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A water well in the middle of a grassy area.

Need to Know Facts on Well Water

Just moved into a home with a private well? Or considering buying a property with an existing well? The below might be of interest to you.  What Is Well Water? Well water is water supplied by a well. If you’re buying a property with a private well, it means that the property’s water supply – used…

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A person holding a clear glass of water in front of their face.

What is TDS in Water and Why Should I Measure it?

What is TDS in Water and Why Should I Measure it? Total dissolved solids (TDS) are dissolved substances that get into your water supply from natural and human sources.  They include calcium, nitrates, chlorides and more.  High levels of TDS can lead to unpleasant tastes, mineral build up, plumbing problems and reduced life of appliances.…

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

What's twice the size of Texas, floating in the Pacific and consists of nothing but plastic garbage? The great Plastic Vortex of the Pacific

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