Sales and Rentals

Locally owned and operated for over 70 years Matilija Pure Water Systems has been the water
treatment experts in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.
When we say “we are from here and we know the water” we mean it. We have been treating
hard water and problem water in our area for many years and know what type of equipment
will work best for our water issues. Other companies may sell you generic equipment which is
not suited to treat the water issues in our area, leaving you dissatisfied and frustrated with your
water woes.
With our 70 years of experience and certified and trained technicians we understand your
water needs and can find the perfect solution for your home or office.


All the benefits with none of the commitment. Water softener and drinking water system
rental agreements include one low monthly fee that covers all equipment servicing and repairs.
Rent-to-purchase agreements may also be available on certain makes and models of water
treatment products.


Purchasing Matilija water softening and filtration products is a great way to add value to your
home while helping protect appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, fixtures, and

Affordable options

For every budget and every water treatment need we can find the affordable options for you to
get the most effective water filtration or softening solution for your home.

All options include professional installation and setup.