Repairs, Maintenance & Installations

A man fixing a water softener in front of a house.


If your water softener or reverse osmosis system is not functioning efficiently, we will be happy to have one of our WQA trained and certified technicians come out to your house a inspect the unit for you. Feel free to call our office and our customer service representatives will gladly answer all your questions.

Filter Changes & Maintenance

Reverse osmosis systems have filters that need to be changed periodically depending on the amount of usage. We use only the highest quality carbon filters, sediment filters, and membranes to ensure long life and low maintenance for your reverse osmosis system. If you suspect your system is in need of a filter change, or just think that the water does not “seem” right, we’re happy to come and test it for you.

Installation of Water Treatment Equipment

Pure Water Systems offers installation of all brands of water treatment equipment.

  • We can perform a site survey to determine the proper sizing of your water treatment solution.
  • Free water testing services and assessment.
  • Installation, configuration, and programming of your water softener, water filter, or water treatment systems.
  • Installation of reverse osmosis, sediment, and other types of filtration systems.
  • Installation of leak prevention devices and auto shut off valves
  • Relocation of plumbing for water treatment connections
  • Startup services, including loading salt, chemicals, or filters.
  • Full testing of your system after installation.

Service Contracts Commercial & Residential

No time to schedule maintenance calls or remember when filters need to be changed? Then a service package might be right for you! We can provide all the maintenance and service for the equipment you own.