Salt and Potassium Delivery Service

A man is putting a water softener into a trash can.

Is your water softening equipment working properly?  Do you check it regularly? 

With Pure Water Systems Salt and Potassium delivery service, we check your equipment each month to ensure it is in top working order.  A water softening system which is not properly adjusted could be wasting both water and salt and costing you money.   We service almost every brand of equipment and our goal is to keep your system working as efficiently as possible. 

Skip the heavy lifting and scheduling headaches and enjoy automatic salt and potassium deliveries for your water treatment system. 

  • Service on a 2 week to 16 week schedule depending on your needs.
  • Salt or Potassium depending on your system 
  • A complete inspection of your water softening equipment 
  • 24/7 on call service.
  • We service most brands of equipment