Salt Free Water Conditioning Systems

Good for the environment. Good for the planet. Good for you!

Matilija Salt Free Water Conditioning System

Introducing The Environmentally Friendly Solution To Water Quality Improvement Problems!

With Salt Free Water Conditioning Systems, there’s no salt, no scale, and no chlorine!

Matilija Salt Free Water Conditioning Systems

Great tasting water at every faucet and shower! Organic chemicals, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, bad tastes and odors, colors and much more are easily reduced with the

Salt Free Water Conditioner! No cutting corners!

Conventional water softeners are generally considered the most effective and practical way to reduce water hardness and prevent scale formation in pipes and plumbing fixtures. Water softeners, however, require salt to regenerate, and they must be backwashed periodically to rinse and refresh the ion exchange resin. Brine water discharge and the need to conserve water have challenged this conventional technology.

The Salt Free Whole house water conditioning system Featuring advanced color touch screen electronic controls is the answer!

Integrated meter allows you to view relevant data including daily water use, peak flow rate and total water used. 

Availible in multiple sizes to accomodate flow rates from 2-35 GPM and pipe sizes from 3/4″ to 1.5″. 

Our unique media blend uses a high grade “All Catalytic” coconut shell carbon, not a blend of the less expensive and less effective standard carbon. Polishing layers of natural Clinoptilolite, Almandine Garnet, and Quartz under-bedding ensure impactful whole house water filtration.

The Salt Free Water Conditioner includes  a “Oxy-Mag” module which includes a “Tri-Pole” magnetic field featuring a strong neodymium magnetic module. The water starts its journey entering the pressure reduction chamber which slows the velocity allowing for enhanced magnetic field contact time as the water envelopes the magnetic module.

Magnetic water conditioning has a long history with a form of magnetic water treatment patented in 1894 (US Patent No. 531,183) by John T. Harris. This device is designed for limited scale reduction in constantly wetted areas only and is not sold or promoted as a no salt water softener. We also offer a full line of water softeners, plus well water and problem water solutions.