Premium Water Softeners

Premium Water Softeners built efficiency and quality. With Clack WS1EE control valves, Vortech vessels tecnology, Highest quality ion exchange resin, steel jacket and weather cover, these sytems are like no other!

Features & Benefits:

  1. Saves up to 30% waste water and 15% at every regeneration over a conventional water softener.
  2. Multi-stage protection to maximize media life and effectiveness.
  3. Eliminate chlorine, tastes and odors.
  4. Removes sediment and other fine particulate.
  5. Spor free glassware and dishes.
  6. No “soap curds” on tubs, sinks, and shower walls.
  7. Reduced soap and other cleaning product usage by 75%.
  8. Softer, healthier skin and hair.
  9. Protect expensive water using appliances.
  10. Save on energy consumption.


  1. Water hardness
  2. Calcium
  3. Magnesium
  4. Sediment
  5. Chlorine
  6. Bad tastes
  7. Foul odors
  8. Scale
  9. Damage to appliances due to scale build-up
  10. Spots on dishes & glassware
  11. Soap build-up on shower walls and bath tubs

Other Benefits:

  1. Soap savings 50% or more because soap and detergents work better in soft water
  2. Softer, brighter laundry
  3. Refreshing shower water and no chlorine damage to hair
  4. Smoother shave with softened water
  5. Reduced energy costs by scale elimination