Twin Alternating Series

Twin Alternating Water Softeners are made for high demand applications. The twin tank design keeps one of the two tanks in service at all times. This elliminates the bypass time single tank softeners have during regenereation. These systems will provide 24/7 soft water with no down time. Great for high demand residential appllications, commercial or industrial applications where soft water is needed 24/7.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Great flow rates
  2. Top quality components
  3. Brine tanks with grid plate for maximum brine storage
  4. High flow bypass valve is included
  5. Safety brine valve with air check
  6. 24/7 soft water
  7. Residential commercial or residential
    Twin Alternating Series

Matilija Twin alternating softeners can be configured for any size application. Call us today for a consultaion.

A water softener with a black tank and a bucket.